Studies in United Kingdom

ABI Career Builders throughout many years of experience in Career Guidance and Studies offers the best and integrated solutions for handling the entire process to enroll in a University UK. Experts on analyzing the personality, abilities and skills, they create one unique personal profile for the candidate and prepare the whole application process for universities based on the individual needs.

Our services are detailed below:

Α) Preparation and the submission of application: 

  • Full information based on the UK’s higher educational system, qualifications and entry requirements

  • Specialized Professional Orientation Test for studies selection (optional)

  • Research, selection, information and analysis undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD programs of studies.

  • Educational consulting service

  • Creation of personal Folder for each student

  • Creation of personal Profile for each student

  • Creation of Portfolio

  • Creation of Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • «Personal statement» (writing directions given to the student, corrections from the company)

  • Application, Submission and Track of UCAS Application

  • Scholarship schemes information and application completion

Β) After Application Submission

      • Continuous contact with Universities and full information to the candidate student

• Procedure “Extra”

  • Procedure “Clearing”

• European Student Loan (undergraduate & postgraduate courses)

• Advising on accommodation options on University Campus or Private Halls of Residence

  • Accommodation booking & contracts

• Official English translation of Apolyterion

  • Official translation of undergraduate degree and transcripts (for postgraduate course)

C) Before your Departure

• Pre-Departure seminar before departing for studies (3 hours)

  • Guide for the best settle of our students in UK

  • Recipes Book

• Flight arrangements

• Additional documents translation from the appropriate department

D) During your studies

  • Online Registration of the student to the University (Online Pre-enrolment)

  • Track of the student’s academic report

  • Consulting service during your studies