Studies in Cyprus

ABI Career Builder through My Career Studies – Studies in Cyprus, is able to provide the best guidance and full information on the appropriate procedures in order to gain an admission in any Private or State University of Cyprus (Undergraduate degrees, Postgraduate degrees, Distance Learning degrees). ABI Career Builders cooperates with all Private Universities and Colleges in Cyprus, for handling the entire process to enroll in a University in Cyprus. ABI is also responsible for supervisory track each year during your studies.

Our services are detailed below:

  • Research for selection of the programs of studies which will suit best to our candidate student

  • Presentation of the research results on programs of study

  • Specialized Professional orientation tests for help on field of study selection (optional)

  • Full economic plan of studies (depending on the years of studies for each program)

  • Filling and submission of applications for all Private Universities and Colleges in Cyprus

  • Supervisory track for all the years of studies on each student

  • Interview preparation for admission in specific programs of studies and universities

  • Consulting on accommodation on/off campus

  • Continuous contact with Universities and full information to the candidate student

  • Scholarship schemes information and application completion

  • Consulting on the External Transfer of Student in another University