Professional Orientation Program

My Career Mellon is an integrated Program specialized in Professional Orientation and Education Guidance. It has been establish to provide full Education Guidance to young persons 14+ years old, to help them understand what will suit best to them and through the professional orientation choose the right career pathway. The program is implemented through 3 or 4 private sessions, depending on the candidate’s time availability and it lasts 7 hours.

The program includes:

I. Meeting with the Counsellor & Personal Interview

At the beginning of this session the counsellor provides detailed information to the candidate about the role and value of professional orientation, as well as the aim of the program. Then, during the private session the counsellor is investigating the candidates’ ideas and collects the appropriate information through the personal interview.

II. Filling Questionnaires & Tests

To continue, the student proceeds with the filling of questionnaires and tests. This procedure aims to register and collect all the personal characteristics of the candidate, which will later come to determine the engagement to any professional activity. In particular, at the first part of the procedure, the candidate is given the introductory questionnaires, which target on gathering all the information from the candidate’s “history” and its general ambitions, preferences, values and motivations, while he/she is filling the personality test.

The second part includes the filling of the measuring ability tests. These tests have time limit which lasts for 2 and half hours.

The third and final part includes the filling of the interests’ questionnaires which lasts around 45 minutes.

III. Evaluation of results – Processing

The Evaluation of the results is made by the counsellor. The counsellor process all the data and information that emerged from the tests, questionnaires and private interview. Based on the data analysis obtained from all the previous procedure, a detailed report of the personal characteristics of the person is implemented. The Personal Analysis Report is a detailed map/guide of the person, for the better understanding of the “self”, and then identifies and tracks the suitable studies directions and professional career path.

IV. Closing Session: Delivery of the Personal Analysis Report & Discussion – Information

The candidate with his parents (if the candidate is under 18 years), have a personal meeting with the Counsellor, with the opportunity to discuss in depth all the details and results that have emerged from the earlier stages of the Program.  The consultant is able to analyze and explain all the results that have emerged, and is capable to present the educational and professional direction that suits to the candidate’s personality, abilities, values and interests. Moreover, the consultant delivers the Personal Analysis Report to them. The conversation will then lead to professional career paths, according to the previous data, and the counsellor is always ready to provide special education consulting and explicit information about the career path and studies, as well as the prospects of each profession in the labour market.