My Career Mentor

Coaching & Mentoring Services are designed to help students and generally young people for the better understanding of the “self”, to control their own lives and anything that may happen to them, set targets, broader goals and make sound decisions about their future, and become the leading actors in their own life!

Μy Career Mentor workshops/seminars

  • Strategic Target Setting

  • New Start-Up Business

  • Leadership Skills (Self-awareness, EQ, leading techniques)

  • Efficiency within the team


The seminar addresses to young entrepreneurs, professionals and entrepreneurs in general.


The target of these seminars is to help entrepreneurs set tangible and strategic objectives, and use all the means to implement them. These seminars also provide new information on how to make a new business start-up, sharpen leadership skills and increase the effectiveness within the team.

How the program My Career Mentor is implemented?

At a primary stage, the candidate comes to the counsellor for their first session and through a trustworthy and strictly private discussion, jointly they decide which workshop will suit the best according to the needs of the individual.

Then, having attended this workshop the individual comes to a final session with the counsellor and they discuss the conclusions and results that emerged from the specific workshop.

Eventually, new targets will be set for the individual and future sessions will be organized if needed.