My Career Coach

Coaching & Mentoring Services are designed to help students and generally young people for the better understanding of the “self”, to control their own lives and anything that may happen to them, set targets, broader goals and make sound decisions about their future, and become the leading actors in their own life!

My Career Coach workshops/seminars:

  • Studying system and exams stress management

  • Efficient studying techniques

  • Development of self confidence

  • Target setting

  1. Studying system and exams stress management 

Is there a way to control stress? Of course there is! Now you can control your stress through studying system and exams stress workshop and achieve your best results on tests and examinations. In this seminar you will learn specific techniques on how to reduce the stress that troubles you and your performance.


Students of lower and higher secondary education (Gymnasium, Lyceum, Technical School)


To help the students understand their stress problem at a personal level and equip them with skills to deal with it on a physical and psychological level.


 – Definition of anxiety/stress

–  What produces stress?

–  Stress side effects

–  Physical reactions to stress

–  Anxiety and your family

–  Stress relief techniques

– Writing of personal program to tackle stress and target formation

  1. Efficient studying techniques

Study smart not hard! This workshop will help you study smart and more efficiently in less time and effort. Your success is exclusively depending on you!

This seminar will help you learn:

• Techniques on fast and efficient studying

• Memorizing and stress relief techniques

• Self-confidence development and stress management for the best examination results!

• Golden rules for life-time to make studying a piece of cake!


This seminar addresses to students from the 4th Grade of Primary School till High-school senior students, university students, workers and parents!


The main target of this seminar is to help young people in identifying their learning difficulties and adopting new methods and study strategies that will lead them to efficient studying, well organization of time, and development of self-confidence. This seminar is also matched with the young people’s need in having clearer goals about their studying.

  1. Development of self confidence

The workshop for development of self-confidence is suitable for persons who wish to increase their self-confidence, develop their self-esteem in everyday life and expand their skills on decision making for their lives.


• What is low self-confidence and how it affects our lives?

• What is the self-image and how it is built?

• Who are the enemies of my self-confidence?

• Learn to appreciate and respect myself

• Exercises and confidence development techniques


This seminar addresses to students from the 4th Grade of Primary School till High-school senior students, university students, workers and parents!


The main target is to help people increase their self-confidence and adopt a new attitude towards their selves. In this way, they will be able to organize their lives well, make their “wants” real and trust their selves about the decisions are about to take.

  1. Target setting

This target setting workshop is suitable for people who wish to expand their ability on how to set feasible and strategic targets. Also, the people who participate in this seminar are able to set their priorities on a daily basis, do a better time management and practice their decision making skills.


• Targets and general goals

• What is my target?

• Time management

• Decision-making Techniques


This seminar addresses to lower and higher secondary education students, university students, workers and parents!


To help individuals set their own real targets, to use all the means to implement these targets. Also, time management is very important for these individuals as they learn how to set priorities and learn decision-making techniques.

How the program My Career Coach is implemented?

At a primary stage, the candidate comes to the counsellor for their first session and through a trustworthy and strictly private discussion, jointly they decide which workshop will suit the best according to the needs of the individual.

Then, having attended this workshop the individual comes to a final session with the counsellor and they discuss the conclusions and results that emerged from the specific workshop.

Eventually, new targets will be set for the individual and future sessions will be organized if needed.