Group Subject Orientation Selection

ΑΒΙ Career Builders offers the specialized Consulting Service My Career Mellon for all students of secondary education. Each academic year the specialized consultants are fully prepared to provide to all candidates trustworthy information considering the Lyceum Direction & Group-Subject Orientation selection.

The school timetables given from the Ministry of Education and Culture at any possible time might change for technical-knowledge reasons, so a student should be informed rigorously for any possible changes that might occur each year.

Ι. Target of the program:

ABI Career Builders has is offering this program in order to provide full information to the students about the most recent updates regarding the Lyceum Direction & Group-Subject Orientation selection. With appropriate guidance and special education consulting the students will get into the right academic path in order to make the best choice based on their own desires, knowledge, abilities and capabilities.

ΙΙ. The program addresses to:

This program addresses to Gymnasium and Lyceum Students, or students of the broader Secondary Education.