My Career Job – Integrated Program of Professional Success

Nowadays, the unemployment is plaguing our society and especially the younger generation aged 18-25. Thus, this fact means that every young person must obtain very competitive skills and a very good qualified profile in order to gain the desired job. Our program gives great knowledge and support to the participants in order to create their own personal profile, and teach them how to use it as a marketing tool. In this way, they will be able to show off their skills and qualifications in a properly manner, and “sell” themselves in the best possible way in terms of employment no matter how competitive the labour market is.

ABI Career Builders with over a decade of experience in professional orientation and education consulting has established the Integrated Program of Professional Success My Career Job, which has helped thousands of young people to plan their future, create their personal profile, and eventually get the job that pursued in Cyprus or abroad.

This program consists an innovative training and also an integrated solution for young people, as a response to the nowadays competitive labour market and unemployment phenomena. With My Career Job program, the participants will gain the best professional orientation guidance and strategy techniques in order to implement their life goals.

Our program is a source of specialised tools for young people, in order to get equipped and accomplish their targets. They will learn how to create their own competitive professional profile, set targets and plan their future, and all these are implemented through exclusive presentations, consulting methods and practices, scientific tools, role playing, and linking personality and skills directly with the demanding conditions and new market trends.

Ι. Aim of the Program:

The aim of the program is the participants to gain skills and valuable knowledge on how to become competitive future professionals, they can create their personal profile themselves and to design a comprehensive strategy for a successful future career.

ΙΙ. The program addresses to:

• All young people who are preparing to enter the labor market.

• All unemployed people who want to create a strong profile and stand out in the highly competitive labor market environment.

• To all those who wish to improve their working conditions or seeking a new job.

ΙΙΙ. Duration of the program:

The total duration of the program is 15 hours:

IV. The program includes:

• Creating a professional CV within European standards Europass CV (CV)

• The writing of a properly structured Cover Letter (Cover Letter)

• The effective promotion of the Professional Profile (Brand Yourself)

• The various ways search for vacancies

• The ways of exploring business opportunities (Networking)

• The proper preparation for the best possible presence at job interview (Job Interview)

• The professional behavior and appearance of the candidate

• The Stress Management Techniques for Work Search

• The Technical Troubleshooting at Workplace

• The Technical Time Management (Time Management)

• Psychometric tests and recruitment tools

• The intake interview simulations (role play)

V. Implementation of the program:

The program can be implemented in groups (8-16 people) or individually.