Cyprian Exams Guidance and Applications for Cyprus and Greece Universities

The whole procedure on filling applications for Pan-Cyprian examinations is usually stressful, not only for the high-school students but also for their parents too.

 ABI Career Builders’ aim through the Consulting Service My Career Mellon , is to provide all necessary and significant information you need in order to pass through this procedure at ease and shortly.

Additionally, ABI’s consultants have grounded knowledge in order to give you the answers you are looking for and the right guidance for any of the specific matters detailed below, relative with Pan-Cyprian Exams, as well as filling the application for Cyprus and Greece Universities:

  • Pan-Cyprian Examination Period – time table with exact dates

  • The aim of Pan-Cyprian Examinations

  • When the applications open for participating Pan-Cyprian exams

  • Who must apply for Pan-Cyprian exams

  • Pan-Cyprian exams application fees

  • Information on how the Preferences Statement is made between schools/departments in Cyprus’ Universities

  • Full details on the entry requirements and orientation subject selection

  • Who have the right to apply for a place of study

  • Places of study for Army Schools

  • Special Facilities for Pan-Cyprian Examinations

  • How to apply for a place of Study at higher educational institutions in Greece (AAEI)

  • Filling application for Greece Universities

  • What rights do the Greek graduates of Cyprus’ schools have, when applying for a place of study to the Greek AAEI