Company Profile

ABI Career Builders – Educational Services is an educational organization founded in 2005 with main field of activity the Professional orientation & educational guidance. It also provides seminars and trainings aiming to train the young people of Cyprus.

Our vision for youth is to create proper adolescents, and young scientists to build their future and to enter the labor market, “obtained” with the right skills.

The ABI Career Builders – Educational Services, maintains its head offices in Geroskipou – Paphos at Sotiris Papalazarou 6, 8201.

The company has a second office in Cyprus, located at Nicosia to better serve its customers. The office is located at Leoforos Stavrou 41, 2035. Due to the international activity of ABI Career Builders, the company has two additional service offices in Greece, at Thessaloniki and Athens. The international contact number is +35726912020 and the Cyprus contact number is 70077277.

Apart from telephone numbers, there is available an email address where interested parties can contact us at . Moreover, there is website and accounts on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn «ABI Career Builders CY».

Our Methodology

ABI Career Builders possess specialized skills and methods that highlight the unique abilities of each individual.

During the consulting sessions, the individual receives full confidentiality, as it is about to make an important decision about the future.

The secret of our professional success is the excellent cooperation with customers, full information, in-depth research and trustworthy relations.

ABI Career Builders, for many years, applies the My Career Builder ® methodology. This methodology is designed in such a way to accommodate and include ideals, needs and particularities of all individuals. Therefore, it’s been build a very good communication between the consultant and the individual, as the consultant will provide information for the progress of study applications. According to our methodology, the secret of success is based on the belief that success lies in each person.

Our Vision

Our vision for ABI goes beyond the concept of the “school choice” or “university studies” that a candidate wants to choose.

Our vision has an important aim for our students, which is to prepare them properly to be successful upon their future life, whenever this will be university studies or and working environment. This is achieved by using our specialized developmental tools on the candidate’s skills and abilities, based on the training of the candidate.

Furthermore, ABI’s objective is to act as personal coacher of the candidate, giving educational guidance for the best direction towards the individual’s personal development, providing all information. Then, the individual will get ready and prepared enough to take the right decision for its future, based on the best options.

With educational orientation and training we build together the future of young people!

Our target is to externalize the final decision of the candidate, using the appropriate tools. Making the right choice for one of the most important decisions in life, such as what and where to study, it is very important to be accompanied by excellent educational guidance, as there are many factors in today’s global environment, which may affect your decision mistakenly. As educational guidance counselors, we motivate the person to make the best choice among a plethora of ideas and information, which sometimes are confusing. Our knowledge, of course, it would never be enough without our experience. With knowledge you acquire training and with experience you obtain good results.

Forethought and well-organization are two of the most important skills for a young person, to build a strong basis. From the early age of the individual, we are able to assist on setting the appropriate stepping stones to build a strong foundation, for its future higher education and career. We manage to work in terms of forethought and well-organization to always remain one step ahead of the requirements that will appear in front of you. The “preparation” is the keyword. With our services every person will be prepared in time and properly and thus be in the position to know in advance what guidelines should be followed in order to enter the desired field of study and career.

Our ultimate goal is to provide young people with professional orientation and professional training, so that they will be ready to make the best choice about studies and profession!