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If you wish to study in Cyprus or abroad, ABI Career Builders is here to provide Academic and Business Consultancy Services.

About us

ABI Career Builders’ services help the candidate to come in contact with Universities and Colleges which interest him/her the most, no matter the distance.
ABI Career Builders supports every candidate student and offers the best services, in order to obtain a place to study at an educational institution, securing the best offer, with the least cost and time. If the candidate student has not a clear view yet, for the field of study that must follow, ABI Career Builders provides the opportunity for professional orientation tests and consultancy sessions, so as the candidate will make the right decision and study amongst the top universities in the specific field.
ABI Career Builders is equipped with specialised methods, which highlight the student’s special abilities. During the process, the student has a confidential cooperation with the consultants, due to the importance of the life decision which is called to take. The secret of success is good cooperation, full information, thorough research and trustworthy relationship.

Why to choose us

With our academic orientation and continuous vocational training, together we build your future!
Taking the right decision, for one of the most important parts of your life, such as where and what to study, demands professional academic guidance, since nowadays there are a lot of factors in the person’s social environment who can affect their decisions mistakenly. As academic orientation consultants, our aim is to motivate the candidate student to take the right decision, despite all odds and confusing information. Our knowledge would never be enough, if they weren’t accompanied by our experience. With knowledge you gain training and with experience you obtain the best results.
Forethought and well organisation are two of the most important terms for a young person, to set the correct basis. We are in the position to build the appropriate foundations for a young person’s ambitions, which will carry through in order to make a well promising start for its future.
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Our aim is to provide specialized consultancy services to all of our students, in order to help them fulfill their goals.

Academic and Professional orientation

ABI Career Builders offers integrated services in academic and professional orientation. With coaching for young persons from the age of 12, ABI Career Builders provides personalized consultancy, and supports students along with professional orientation tests until the start of their studies in Cyprus or abroad.

Professional Career Training

ABI Career Builders has gathered expertise and experience in the field of professional career training, having the vision to offer the most innovative services, according to the business world and market needs. .

Core Feature

Academic Career Counselling

Our aim is to provide specialized consultancy services to all of our students, in order to help them fulfill their goals.

Professional Orientation Test

ABI offers a professional orientation test, which combines statistical and psychometric analysis of the personality.

Future of Work

It’s time to overcome the usual professional training tanks whose only objective is to conquer usual techniques and wide spread abilities.

Writing Curriculum Vitae

Writing excellent curriculum vitae is the first step for stirring the employers’ interest and gain a place for an interview.

ROIEDU 16 – 25

This programme combines educational and professional training for a three month period, addressing young persons from 16 to 25 years old.

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